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August 14, 2008

Sony 40G PS3 - Playstation 3 Review

First thing first, before you are going to buy a 40G PS3, one thing you should know: If you play your old PS2 games, you may need to buy a 60G model PS3 or 80G model PS3.
Remember, this 40G PS3 have not backwards compatibility! You can not play your PS2 games in this 40G PS3. (I did not do my home work before I bought this 40G PS3, so my PS2 games are still in the dusty now)
OK, now, back to the topic,
I bought this 40G PS3, because I want to watch Blu-ray movies in my Sony 40 inch LCD (1080i) HDTV. And I knew that the PS3 has a built-in Blu-ray player (I believe that a lot of people buy this PS3 because of the built-in Blu-ray player). One day, when my brother told me that he bought a 40G Play Station 3 from Circuit city with price $399 (it was on sale), and he told me how 'cool' his play station 3 is, so, I just bought this 40G play station 3 ( the package include a 'Spider-man 3' Blu-ray Disc ).
This 40G play station 3 has HDMI compatible, which means that I can use this 40G play station 3 to watch all High-Definition movies in my Sony 40 inch LCD (1080i) HDTV and my new Gateway 24 inch LCD HD monitor. (Another two famous game system, Wii does not have High-Definition player, and xbox360 needs to pay extra $170 to get a HD-DVD player). However, this 40G model PS3 did not include HDMI, so I had to spend $6 to buy one HDMI cable from
This 40G PS3 has the build in wireless ability to connect to the internet and access is free. I can use Windows Media as a media server to share files thought the wireless from my PC to this 40G PS3 (there are a lot of movies in the YouTube to show you how to share your PC files with your PS3 ).
This 40G PS3 includes one wireless controller (It is very nice; personally, I really hate to have a mass wires everywhere). If you want to play a 2 player game with your friend at same time, you need to buy another wireless controller (around $49 in the Circuit city).
This 40G PS3 does not include a remote controller (just like a TV remote, see the above picture), so I had to buy a remote with $28 from I used this 40G PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies, and my baby's pictures through my Sony 40 inch LCD HDTV. The High-Definition makes the graphics are really amazing!!! I highly recommend people to buy a HDMI cable for your PS3. Using the HDMI cable can really tell you the different between a normal and High-Definition quality. Now, I use the remote to operate this 40G PS3 just like to remote a TV. My 40G PS3 is a multimedia center...
When I play Motor Storm PS3 game (I bought a used one $25 from It is so cool, the game looks so real.
One problem you may need concern, this 40G play station 3 is running little bit hot after 40 minutes, and little bit slowly to load game (over my original expect).
Over all, this 40G PS3 is fantastic, and I am really enjoying this 40G PS3. It worth my every penny!
This 40G PS3 is running hot (no other problem yet) after 30 minutes, I think that I need to buy a cooler for this baby.
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