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February 2, 2009

Call of Duty 4 Golden Weapons

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare there a many weapons and skins to choose from. You could choose a m16 with red tiger skin or an m4 with blue tiger skin, but have you ever noticed the weapons with gold skin on them? Well in this post I will explain how to get these gold weapons, if there is any advantage to having them, and which gold weapon is easiest to get.
First of all I will explain how to get the golden weapons. In Call of Duty 4 there are 5 golden weapons. The weapons are the ak-47, dragunov, m1014 shotgun, mini uzi, and m60. To get each of these golden weapons you must complete all the challenges in the categories each gun is in. For example to get the golden ak-47 you must complete all the challenges in the assault class. To get the mini uzi you must complete all the challenges in the sub machine gun class.
Now you may be wonder, "After I do all of this work the gun is surely going to give me an advantage, what is it?" Well the answer to that question is that the gun gives you no advantage over your enemy what so ever. So, don't believe your friend who tells you the gun does more damage or any other askew idea. The only thing that changes when you have this gun is that your friends will always want you to die in the beginning of the game so they can use your golden masterpiece.
The easiest golden gun to get is the golden dragunov. It is very easy to get kills and more importantly head shots with snipers than it is with any other weapon set. So set up your sniping class with claymores, iron lung, and stopping power and get on your xbox and start working on those challenges!
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