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February 5, 2009

Hints and Tips For Playing Bioshock

When you get the camera take pictures of every character you can. Each picture helps build a profile of the character and when the profile is complete you will often get a bonus like increased damage against that character. Sometimes you will even get an upgrade, which can be very useful.
Collect, collect collect. When you have cleared an area, check it again and again. Collect every item you can find and search every corpse, bin, container etc. All the items could be useful. If you can't immediately use them, you might be able to use them at a U-Invent machine to make other items
Hack everything you can find. If you have the correct plasmid equipped you get a small health boost when you successfully hack a machine. If you don't you still get the advantage of cheaper items from the machines that sell. Don't destroy security cameras, it is such a waste. Hack them and they will send security bots against all enemies in the game, just draw them into its field.
You have the electro plasmid from the start. I would rate this as one of the most useful plasmids. Fire at a security bot and it will go down. You can then run over and hack it. It will then follow you round protecting you wherever it can until destroyed. Stun enemies with this plasmid and run over and hit with them with the wrench. Very useful for saving on ammo. If they are in water even better.
Killing the big daddy is quite difficult early on. They ignore you until you start attacking them, then they become a bit relentless. I would advise trying to find somewhere you can hide where they can not get at you. Run out and fire a few shots and back into hiding. Keep doing this until you have killed him. You can't go head to head with one of these in the early levels A semi circle appears round all enemies to show their health, keep an eye on this, once it is low you can jump out and finish them off.
Save often, this game can throw some nasty surprises at you just when you don't expect it. I also found mine was prone to crashing.
Guy Draper
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