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February 2, 2009

Call of Duty 4 Gun Classes

What class is the best? What perks should I use? Is the mp5 or p90 better? These are some questions that you will probably be finding yourself asking after playing Call of Duty 4 for a while. In this section we will be talking about the call of duty 4 classes that will allow you to own some noobs. We will name what we think are the best classes in each section (ex. smg, assault, lmg, sniper, and shotgun.) If you think we missed a class that should be mentioned please leave a comment. Thank you!
SMG: The smg is your close quarters gun. While many prefer the p90, because of its amazingly large clip size, the mp5 is a much better gun. It has better accuracy and range. We advise that you put bandoleer, stopping power, and steady aim on this gun. Steady aim is a must for any SMG for hip fire accuracy. If you wanted to you could swap stopping power for juggernaut however you WILL be called a noob. Use the red dot with this weapon.
Assault: The assault class has some of the best call of duty 4 classes that you could ever want, so it was hard deciding which on is best. However after a lot of thinking and testing we decided that the m16a4 with stopping power, deep penetration, and bandoleer is the gun kit to have in the assault class. The m16 can kill with one burst too the chest, along with deep penetration there will be no where for your enemies to hide. Use the red dot with this weapon class.
LMG: The good old LMG with its 100 bullet clip capacity you can spam the heck out of anything. Well for this set the best class would have to be either the rpd or m60 with stopping power, deep penetration (no brainer) and bandolier. The deep penetration and stopping power no one is safe, even if they are behind concrete. However please, please keep in mind that the LMG is a support weapon ONLY! It has a slow fire rate and you will get burned if you go up against an smg in close quarters. Sit back and when you see something move fire away. Also with the rpd I suggest using a grip opposed to red dot because it gives you that much more accuracy.
Sniper- Well this is another hotly debated class. So I will say that you could use the m40a3 or the barret .50 cal. However I prefer the barret because it is semi automatic oppose to bolt action. With this you should use stopping power, iron lungs or deep penetration and claymores. With this class you have the ability to choose between deep penetration or iron lungs, I however prefer iron lungs just so I can take the time and make sure I pull off a head shot. I would also use claymores because you don't want to be turning around every second to make sure no one is sneaking up behind you.
Shotgun- With the shotgun I would use the M1014 with either seight of hand or juggernaut, steady aim and bandoleer. You do not have to use stopping power on your shotgun because for the shotgun to even work properly you must be close and it should only take one shot to kill anyone anyway. You should also use a grip with this class so you dont have to zoom in at all.
Now that I have finished the best call of duty 4 classes for each type of gun I will tell you about specialized classes for a special role on the battlefield. It can be very fun to do different things so don't just play as a sniper or a smg person, mix it up a bit.
Stealth- The stealth class. If you want to flank your enemy and shoot them all in the back then this is your type of class. You must be sneaky and dicrete and leave no trace of you behind. Some important things to remember are that you are not going to be as strong as the other players, you must use stealth and wits to overcome this defeicit to defeat your enemy. You should also remember not to follow your team. You will be the lone wolf of your team, you will be the one flanking and killing your enemies without them even knowing you are there. For this class you should use an mp5 with a silencer. You should have UAV jammer, dead silence, and claymores or bandoleer. The uav jammer and dead silence are no brainers, but you should have claymores so you can place them behind you to make sure no one sneaks up behind you, remember you will be behind enemy lines and with the respawn the way it is people could repawn directly behind you. Another thing to remember is to not fire until you are close, don't give away your position until you can get a kill out of it.
Want to know more about call of duty 4 gun classes visit this site for more help!
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