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December 7, 2008

Best PlayStation 3 Games For Christmas

This holiday season will bring some exciting new titles for gamers. The hardest part is deciding what new games to ask for. So what are the best PlayStation 3 Games for Christmas? Read on to find out. There's something for everyone in this season's line-up. If you go for racing, you'll love "Motorstorm: Pacific Rift". Using every possible vehicle from monster trucks, to motorcycles, to quads, and more, racing is on in mud, through trees, around lava, and well, you get the idea. Lots of different tracks and terrain promise high interest whether in single player or multi-player mode.
For total involvement in the first person, "Mirror's Edge" is the best of the season. You have to deliver courier packages to certain destinations, all the while trying to navigate dangerous environments. Every action is done in the first person, not you tailing behind your character with the controller. It's so vivid that you feel like you are doing the running, rolling, and climbing.
For family fun, try "LittleBigPlanet". The object of the game is for you and up to three friends, to try to manipulate the world in an attempt to get across it using level creation tools. The beauty of this unique game is that it allows gamers to try their hand at game creation. It promises to be a big part of the PS3 line-up in the future.
Finally for those who love scary games, there's "Dead Space". It's already being talked about as one of the scariest, skin-crawling survival horror games of all-time. Shoot the limbs off alien monsters before they mutate into something even more sinister, as you explore space.
This is only a few of the best PlayStation 3 games for Christmas. There are some amazing sequels and lots more first person games to immerse yourself in too.
Article by Zak Mann. Zak is the owner of and an avid video game enthusiast.
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