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December 17, 2008

The Godfather Game Review - PS2

Right from the beginning of this game you know you are playing something special. The attention to detail of 1940's New York is amazing. Litter blows around the streets, steam comes up from the sewers and pigeons wander around parks. In the distance from your home in Little Italy you can see the towering empire state building.
The object of the game is to rise through the ranks of the corleone family until you eventually become the Don. The game is made up of both linear and non-linear storylines. At anytime you can follow the storyline or simply go off and grow your crime business.
The main currency in the Godfather is respect. You earn this by completing missions and by taking over businesses and rackets. You have to tread carefully though as there are other gangster families who will not take kindly to you moving in on their turf. Push them too far and you will start a vendetta resulting in gang warfare.
Throughout the main storyline you will encounter various characters from the film including the Don himself. Some of your missions will cross over in to events that happened in the film. This element really makes you fill part of the bigger picture.
The style of gangster you play can be fully customised right down to looks and clothing. As you gain respect levels you can spend points in upgrading a number of skills such as fighting or shooting. The side missions are varied and you can more or less pick where you want to go. Stuck for cash? Get a stick of dynamite and rob the local bank. If you take this job be carefull as you will have cops all over you from the moment you leave the bank.
To get around town you can use vehicles such as your own car or if you wish hijack someone elses.
A warning for parents, this game is very much aimed at adults which is why it carries an 18 certificate.
All in all I think whoever plays this game will not be disappointed. It offers something for both fans of the films and those new to the genre.
Misty Pathster's Verdict - 9/10
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