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December 16, 2008

Final Fantasy Characters

A good story is nothing without a good lead, and the Final Fantasy series has always been known for the diversity of its lead characters through the years. Here we will detail all the leading characters from Final Fantasy VII - XII. Cloud Strife Cloud Strife made his debut in the acclaimed Final Fantasy VII. His most noticeable features are his chocobo-inspired spiky hair, and his famous Buster Sword, a giant sword almost as large as he is! Cloud has become a staple character for Square Enix, and has appeared in FFVII, FF Tactics, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, the Kingdom Hearts game, and Itadaki Street Special. Squall Leonhart Squall Leonhart is the lead protagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. The series took a major shift into a more realistic visual style, and this showed heavily in Squall, who had a very natural dress sense and an appearance which is alleged to be inspired by Gackt. Although older Final Fantasy fans has often criticise Squall's character for being too angsty and emotion, he has become a popular favourite, and made numerous appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games. Zidane Tribal When Final Fantasy IX revisited the more traditional roots of the series, so did its lead character. Zidane Tribal turned out to be a much more upbeat and energetic character than either Squall or Cloud, which never hindered him! Although not as popular as some of the other leads, he has appeared in Itadaki Street Portable, and appears to be on the front of the cast leading the upcoming Dissida -Final Fantasy- Tidus Tidus was the main characters in Final Fantasy X. His design was centred on that of a footballer, which was also emphasised by the game's popular sport, Blitzball, which was essentially football underwater. His hyperactive and emotional character would see him loved and hated by fans in equal measure. He made a brief appearance in the first Kingdom Hearts game, and also appears in Itadaki Street Special. Vaan Although the story of Final Fantasy XII is not directly centred on Vaan, it is told from his point of view. Vaan would turn out be more unique from past characters in that his story is developed and his character matures more quickly and more profoundly than past leads, and this maturity also helps develop some of the other characters in the game. His appeared in Itadaki Street Portable, is set to appear in the upcoming DS bounded sequel FFXII: Revenant Wings, and will also make a brief appearance in FF Tactics A2.
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