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December 6, 2008

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - PS2 Review

I have played an awfull lot of Starwars games over the years right back to the early days of the wireframed arcade game. Battlefront 2 has brought back to me some of that early fast paced arcade excitement.
As a youngster I also enjoyed the toys so being able to jump into multiple starwars vehicles and ships is just brilliant. I never played the original Battlefront but can see why it was so popular.
The game has a lot of content and is based across the starwars universe at different times. You can play during the clone wars as well as the later period. What makes the game particularily appealing is the use of special hero characters.
Battlefront 2 has been given more emphasis towards the single player as well keeping its multiplayer roots. Both work well and the AI of the bots in a single player game is quite good. There are three distinct game types you can play. A training game set during the clone wars, a galaxy conquest game and the instant action games.
New to Battlefront 2 is the ability to wage war in space. This is very exciting as yout one sided though as the enemy can do exactly the same to you.
The more competent at combat you become then the more strategies you discover. You start to use the landscape, weapons and vehicles around you. Taking control of a lumbering AT-AT and blowing that rebel scum to pieces is just sheer fun. The AT-AT are a unique unit in this game as they act as a mobile base capabllowing that rebel scum to pieces is just sheer fun. The AT-AT are a unique unit in this game as they act as a mobile base capable of spawning troops.
I do have some grumbles though and one or them is certain missing vehicles. The Millenium Falcon and B-Wing do not appear to be flyable vehicles in this game. I would have also liked to have seen bigger Star Destroyer, Rebel Cruiser interiors as these massive ships only have a limited area in which to fight and explore. If there is ever a Battlefront 3 then maybe some of these elements would be considered.
All in all this game is well rounded and entertaining and it should keep me occupied for sometime to come.
Misty Pathster's Verdict - 8/10
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