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December 17, 2008

Futurama Playstation 2 (PS2) Game Review

Based on the TV series, the Futurama video game has all your favorite characters, Bender, Fry, Lela, Professor Zoidberg and more, with voice overs from the original cast.
The game starts out in the hangar at Planet Express as you play as Fry, on the look out for missing tools for Professor Zoidberg. Search the hangar, offices, corridors, avoiding electrical wires, perform some platform jumping, collecting cash and filling up on extra health from the "Slurm" vending machines, and find the hidden key card to unlock doors. Fry starts out with a hammer on this level, but works up to some cooler, more powerful guns throughout the game.
Head underground into the Sewers, where as Fry you have to kill mutants, underwater snakes with one eye, and pipe tentacles with your laser gun and avoid the deadly sewer canals whilst jumping over crates to cross to other areas. Shoot crates for cash and ammo.
Go through the Mine Facility as Bender, defending yourself against robots with his twirl attack, sliding lunge, collecting power-up crystals and avoiding the heat blades on the conveyor belt. In Run Bender Run, head into the mine shaft and run for your life to avoid a giant boulder coming up behind you, whilst jumping over caverns, collecting your crystals, and dodging barrels.
Or as "one-eyed" Leela in Market Square, you get to fight with your punch and kick attacks against skeletons, avoid the crazy bombers which will try and blow you up, solve codes in the puzzle rooms, by stepping on the correct tiled squares in sequence on the floor. Collect gold bars by destroying objects.
There are plenty more levels to explore, and when you reach the last level in Fry Fight's Back, you battle against the "Destructor", the big boss robot with his one arm missile launcher. Before you meet Destructor, you have to search through various corridors for the last lot of keycards. Dodge some spinning blades and gas vents, hide in the crevices as you dodge a couple of huge laser machine guns, destroy some half-bodied robots and work out some numbered codes to unlock your master laser weapon. You then meet the Destructor for the final showdown. He shoots missiles, lasers and then stands still while his stomach opens and you are attacked by flies. Avoid his firepower and get him in the belly where it hurts enough times and "yay", you've saved the planet and get to watch the final movie scene.
All up the game has 21 levels, there are heaps of items to collect throughout, find switches and credit cards to unlock doors, solve an array of puzzles, but more importantly, destroy the bad guys! Each character has their own weapon/attacks/health power-ups and you get to travel through some other amazing levels, from Red Rock Creek, Old New York, the Junkyard, Temple Courtyard, Red Light District and more. Other baddies include rock monsters, swordsmen, weasels, lava monsters, evil cactus, and sentry's to name a few. There's also plenty of slick Futurama-style humor to keep you laughing.
Extras: If you collect all nibblers (creatures in cages) in each level you also get to unlock movies, music and characters. There's a total of 20 minutes worth of unlocked movie footage never seen. You can also switch from first to third person view anytime during the game, and there are cameras for viewing other areas in each level.
Number of Players: 1
Animated and resembles same as in the TV show. Good colour, with darker areas that set the scene.
The controls are okay, but the side view movement can be a bit tight during the game when turning around.
9/10 - Overall, really enjoyed this game and there's a good variety of action and puzzle solving to get through. I would recommend this video game for kids and adults if you enjoy the Futurama TV show, as you'll definitely get some value out of it.
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